Happy Friday, FighterSweep Fans! Yet another addition of Burner Friday is upon us and we bring you another great shot from “The Home of the Fighter Pilot,” Nellis Air Force Base.

This Boeing F-15C, assigned to the 422 TES, is painted up as the United States Air Force Warfare Center Flagship. This image shows the jet as it blasts off to conduct a multi-ship flyover during Aviation Nation.

The Eagle, known as the “Light Gray,” the “Mighty Mighty,” and the “Eaglejet,” is (arguably) the World’s Greatest Air Superiority Fighter, with a real-world combat record of 104-0.

Though it hasn’t downed any enemy aircraft in combat for some time, this jet continues to be a a force to reckoned with in the air-to-air arena. Upgraded with the APG-63(V)3 AESA radar, data link, AIM-9X, and JHMCS, the Eagle’s talons are sharper than ever.