Textron is ceasing production of the Cessna Citation Mustang business jet after 12 years of production. The final aircraft has finished on the production line and will be delivered to its customer in the near future. There have been 470 Citation Mustang business jet produced.

The Mustang has been at very low rates of production for a few years,” JetNet iQ managing director Rollie Vincent told AIN. “Textron has continued its focus up-market on more lucrative models, and the M2 has been generating solid sales volumes and certainly provides Textron with an attractive and competitive entry point into the Citation family.

It was a tough call to make to end Mustang production, but it’s not a very profitable use of scarce resources to keep the line open. It is also tough to manage supply chains with so many disparate product lines at such low volume rates of production.” – AINonline

The Citation M2 will now take over as the prime entry level jet the company will be focused on selling. The M2 is rated for a single pilot, has a cruising speed of over 400 knots and a range of over 1500 nautical miles while carrying a maximum of seven passengers.

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Featured image of  Cessna Citation Mustang by Textron

Citation Mustang Business Jet