Mark Holtzman has spent the better part of his life taking pictures. Back in 2000, he combined that passion with his love for airplanes and began devoting himself to aerial photography. Within seven years it became his full time gig, and soon, his son was able to join him in the endeavor.

Since then, Holtzman’s annual shots of military flyovers like the Rose Parade’s B-2 Spirit last week have become something aviation aficionados look forward to, knowing well that Holtzman is capable of delivering some of the most breathtaking shots of the aircraft we know and love that we’ve ever come across — and this year was no exception.

If you ask us, these shots are even cooler than the ones he snapped of the B-2 flying over the Rose Bowl back in 2016 — though they’re too good to skip over as well.

Holtzman doesn’t only take pictures of military aircraft (in fact, that’s only a small portion of his work), and you can find all of it at his website,

We’d like to thank Mark for letting us nab a few of his shots to post on here — but if you find yourself drawn to them and clamoring for a high resolution view or even a print or two, you can find both at his website.

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