On Tuesday, a B-2A Spirit from Whiteman Air Force Base’s 509th Bomb Wing kicked off the Rose Parade with an incredible flyover in Pasadena, California. While most of the folks in attendance may have been there to watch the game, aviation buffs were in for a treat when this legendary aircraft came swooping in over the stadium.

(Whiteman AFB on Facebook)

The aircraft was piloted by Col. Matthew Calhoun and Lt. Col. Bob Bryant. It’s worth noting that Calhoun actually attended Ohio State, who claimed victory in the Rose Bowl over the Washington Huskies later that day.

(Whiteman AFB on Facebook)

As incredible as the pictures are, the video really offers a better idea of just how incredible a sight this fly over must have been.

To see more pictures of the B-2A flyover taken by photographer Mark Holtzman, click here.

Images courtesy of Whiteman Air Force Base on Facebook