Happy Monday, FighterSweep Fans! We’re back at it this week in full force; we have been out generating some pretty unique content, so if you’re wondering why we’ve been a little quiet the past few days, there’s your answer.

That said, we think it’s been far too long since we shared a cruise video! Today we bring you a tasty morsel from VAQ-137‘s first cruise in their brand-new EA-18Gs!

The “Rooks” transitioned from the venerable EA-6B Prowler to their Growlers in 2013 and put them to the test earlier this year. This video is full of all the things we’ve come to enjoy from cruise productions: lots of action around the carrier, hanging around the tanker getting gas, cloud surfing, and awesome flying–Naval Aviation at its finest!

VAQ-137 belongs to Air Wing One and most recently deployed aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt along with VFA-11, VFA-211, VFA-136, VMFA-251, VAW-125, HS-11, and HSL-46.

The "CAG" jet from the "Rooks" of VAQ-137. (Photo courtesy of VAQ-137)
The “CAG” jet from the “Rooks” of VAQ-137.

Enjoy your look at the first Rooks Growler cruise!

(Photos courtesy of VAQ-137)