Delta Airlines is retiring their last Boeing 747.

Once hailed as the “Queen of the Skies,” the workhorse been embraced by every major U.S. carrier since the first model rolled off the line in 1968. At one point in 1990, there were 130 of the jets in operation throughout the country.

And on Wednesday, Delta Air Lines was flying the last of the country’s 747s from its hub in Atlanta to Pinal Airpark — an “airport graveyard” — in Marana, Ariz.

“It’s saying goodbye to an old, trusted friend,” said pilot and Boeing enthusiast Robin Boone to USA Today, following one of the aircraft’s farewell flights in December. “It’s so sad to see it go. But it was an incredibly wonderful career, and this airplane was the highlight.” – Fox News

Recently United Airlines also celebrated their last 747 flight. The plane many called a “Jumbo Jet” first flew in 1969.

Featured image of a Pan Am 747-100 in white and blue livery during final approach with its landing gear extended. The aircraft is N732PA, the third 747 built and was used in the 747 flight test program. Photo via Wikipedia Public Domain Aldo Bidini