The Texas Air National Guard is investigating the cause of an F-16 crash today at Ellington Airport located about 15 miles southeast of downtown Houston, Texas.

The fighter jet was taking off when a series of explosions were heard and smoke rose into the air above one of Ellington’s runways. The pilot is said to have safely ejected.

“From what we understand, he was on takeoff roll when something happened that we haven’t determined yet,” said Master Sgt. Sean Cowher, of the 147th Attack Wing of the Texas Air National Guard.

The pilot is said to have walked away after landing in the ejector seat and parachute. He was taken to an undisclosed medical facility to be checked out. – ABC13

It is being reported that the F-16 was armed with air to air missiles at the time of the mishap.

Featured image of an F-16 Fighting Falcon that the pilot ejected from after it crashed and caught fire at Ellington Airport by Christopher Ebdon / AV8PIX