FighterSweep and Bremont Watch Company are proud to announce an exclusive F-14 Tomcat watch in honor of 10 years gone by for the Tomcat.

The F-14 Tomcat watch will be available exclusively to pilots and RIO’s of the F-14. Eligible aircrew can order thru the Bremont website here.

It’s been 10 years since the Big Fighter left us, but memories of that iconic jet last a lifetime. If you flew the Tomcat, now is your chance to own a watch that will keep your connection with the jet forever.

Bremont has been creating special bespoke watches for military crew and squadrons for almost a decade. They understand that a quality and rugged timepiece is everything to a fighter pilot. Thus, the Bremont Tomcat project is based on the Bremont MBIII, a watch thoroughly tested by ejection seat maker Martin-Baker.

Fighter pilots talk about being on a “timeline”, a reference to making sure they proactively target enemy aircraft so air-to-air weapons are effective and lethal. A strike package of aircraft ensures that its bombs are on target, on time, because friendly forces on the ground demand precision.

And then of course, there’s the antics at the Officer’s Club or the Ready Room after a hard day of flying! We can all envision a fighter pilot telling a story with sleeves rolled up, a big watch in view, recreating a dog fight with his hands.

Based on inputs from former operators of the iconic F-14 Tomcat, the watch features numerous design elements that make it special to those who flew the jet. The F-14 planform, wings fully swept, is featured at 6 o’clock with the Tomcat Patch at 9 o’clock and famous “ANYTIME BABY” phrase at 3 o’clock. A subdued “F-14” is at 4 o’clock using the numeral 4 and the watch features the popular “Tailhook” second hand with stripes and ejection seat pull-handle. On the back of the watch, the bespoke rotor shows a classic F-14 weapons load of 2xAIM-54s, 2xAIM-7s, 2xAIM-9Ms and 2xGBU-12s*.


Two versions of the face are available for pilots or RIOs, with gold Navy pilot wings or NFO wings at 12 o’clock. Additionally, each aircrew placing an order can select their own watch case finish, watch barrel color, case back finish but also leather strap and Nylon NATO strap.

Reserve your special F-14 Tomcat timepiece here today!

Questions and additional information can be directed to Bremont at [email protected].

Bremont is now the official timekeeper of  Force 12 Media, FighterSweep’s parent company, and

*Bespoke rotor subject to required order numbers.