Happy Saturday, FighterSweep Fans! We thank you once again for checking us out and following along with the men and women on the front lines of aerial warfare.

This video is definitely one of the best offerings we’ve seen from an Air Force unit and puts us back inside the cockpit of the mighty Viper, following along with the 35th Fighter Squadron as they rage through some amazing airspace as part of Red Flag-Alaska.

Also known as the “Pantons,” the squadron is stationed with their 80 FS “Juvat” counterparts at Kunsan AB in the Republic of Korea. Flying the F-16C, the Pantons were one of the first squadrons overseas to field the Viper, beginning their conversion in the fall of 1981 and following on with the Block 40 variant of the jet in 2000.

As you may recall, we posted this video a while back, but it got pulled off of YouTube for reasons unknown to us. Thankfully it…is…BACK! And not only is it back, but it’s almost twice as long as the original.

So without further adieu, please crank up the volume and settle in for nearly ten minutes of tactical aviation bliss.

As the Pantons themselves would say, “PITFU!”