On Tuesday, a Saab JAS 39 Gripen fighter crashed at an air base in the Czech Republic. The Swedish-built jet, belonging to  the Hungarian Air Force, suddenly went off the runway during roll-out after it landed at a base near the city of Caslaw.
According to Petr Medek, spokesman for the Czech Defense Ministry, both pilots aboard the aircraft ejected and were not seriously injured. The jet had just arrived at Caslaw from its home base in Hungary. An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the mishap.
The Hungarian Air Force is taking part in Exercise Lion Effort, a joint exercise with six air forces. Sweden, Hungary, and the Czech Republic are participating with the multi-role Gripen, Germany’s Luftwaffe with its Eurofighter Typhoons, Polish Block 52 F-16s, and the Thai Air Force which did not bring aircraft.

Photo Courtesy of GripenNews Twitter Feed.
The Hungarian JAS 39 Gripen shown in a field adjacent to the runway at Caslaw, Czech Republic. Photo Courtesy of GripenNews Twitter Feed.


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