For a pilot knowing your emergency procedures are critical to your survival in a crisis. You can’t just think you know your EP’s (emergency procedures). They have to be memorized so that you just react and not have to think about what you need to do while at the same time pulling out your checklist.

Fighter Sweep contributor and pilot extraordinaire, Nate “Buster” Jaros has put his extensive knowledge and experience in handling airborne emergencies into a book called “Engine Out Survival Tactics.” And to make it even more exciting “Buster” is giving away a free eBook version!

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  • Are you prepared to handle an engine loss event in your single engine piston aircraft?
  • Are you current and trained in all aspects of the General Aviation engine loss situation?
  • What is your best glide speed, best glide ratio?
  • Do you know where High Key is?

Did you know that about 30% of all General Aviation single engine aircraft crashes are the result of a mechanical engine failure? Are you prepared? Seriously…are you ready?

Engine Out Survival Tactics is a book for single engine General Aviation pilots, Certified Flight Instructors, and Flight Schools and will teach you advanced engine loss recovery techniques from the unique perspective of a US Air Force Fighter Pilot. This book will take your knowledge and preparedness to the next level! – Engine Out Survival Tactics

Author and Pilot…Fighter Sweep’s very own Nate “Buster” Jaros