Editor’s Note: We’re very thankful both occupants of the helicopter were not seriously injured in this incident. Flying any aircraft, be it rotary wing or fixed wing, can be very dangerous at times. When there is more information to be had, we’ll definitely keep you updated!

A Navy helicopter with a Florida-based training squadron made a hard landing Tuesday afternoon with two crew members aboard.

Around 4:25 p.m. local time, a helicopter with Helicopter Training Squadron 18, made a hard landing at Naval Outlying Airfield Santa Rosa, Florida, according to a Navy release. Police and fire crews responded to the scene.

An instructor and student aviator exited the aircraft and were taken to a local hospital for evaluation. There were no visible injuries, the release said. The incident is under investigation.

The original article at the Navy Times can be viewed right here.

(Featured photo courtesy of Flickr.com)