The phasing-out process of the Navy EA-6B Prowlers has finally reached its sad conclusion.

Like many of you, the team here at FighterSweep will definitely miss seeing the “Flying Drumstick” wearing Navy markings. She has served the Navy proudly for almost 44 years, playing a role in every major conflict the US has participated in since Vietnam.

The last remaining Prowler, assigned to VAQ-134–the “Garudas,” flew away from its home base at NAS Whidbey Island on June 27th. She was received at NAWCWD Point Mugu and is destined to become a display aircraft in the missile park. Before officially going on display, this particular Prowler will be on static display at the Point Mugu airshow on September 26th and 27th of this year.

It is truly the end of an era as Whidbey Island has become home for the new kid on the block in the escort SEAD and electronic attack realm, the Boeing EA-18G Growler. In the clip below, the Prowler performs its final flyby, pulling up and heading west in the traditional “missing man” formation with three Growlers.

We would like to take a moment to honor the service of an incredible electronic attack platform and say thank you to the community of aviators who have strapped on the Prowler over the last four decades. Electronic warfare certainly wouldn’t be where it is today without this remarkable aircraft and her capabilities. The USMC will still operate the EA-6B for some years to come, but her days are definitely numbered.

Farewell Navy Prowlers. You will be missed.