The SureFly Personal Octocopter is a vision come true for Workhorse Group CEO Steve Burns. While driving his car in rush hour traffic he dreamed of being able to fly above it all and get to where he wanted to go.

“This was invented with me driving my kid to high school every day, stuck on the highway – like everybody you just want to lift up and fly” said Burns during an interview on the FOX Business Network.

“You know we figured the reason there isn’t a helicopter in every garage in America is a couple things: A, they’re fairly costly, B, complex to drive, and C, rather dangerous at points.” Burns said.

Safety was the foremost concern.

“So, we made sure this has no single points of failure – engine can fail and you’ve got a five minute battery backup to get you down. It’s got eight props, two or three could still fail with a bird strike or something and you’d still get down,” Burns said. “So, the design is such that it’s named SureFly so it would stay in the air.” – Fox Business

The SureFly will reportedly cost under $200,000 and be available in 2019 when approved by the FAA. The craft has two seats, a gasoline powered engine with battery back up, eight rotors, a top speed of 70 miles per hour and can fly up to 4000 feet.

Who wants one?

Featured image by Workhorse Group