A true hero that should be remembered and honored for going above and beyond the call of duty. Imagine being left to fight alone.

An effort is underway to have the nation’s highest military award bestowed on Air Force Technical Sergeant John Chapman who was killed in a controversial operation in Afghanistan

Tech. Sgt. John Chapman, the radioman for the SEAL Team 6 reconnaissance unit involved in the March 4, 2002, firefight, would be the first from the Air Force to receive the nation’s highest award for valor since the Vietnam WarTask and Purpose reported Friday.

Chapman, of Windsor Locks, Conn., had been left for dead during the mountaintop battle against the terror group, the news site reported.

But an Air Force analysis of video captured by an overhead Predator drone, suggests that Chapman was not dead but unconscious, The New York Times reported in 2016. The footage suggests that when he came to he continued to defend himself, killing two enemy fighters, including one in hand-to-hand combat, until he was killed. He was 36. – Fox News

Featured image by US Air Force

Tech. Sgt. John Chapman