Editor’s Note: Although the news articles don’t specifically state which aircraft have deployed, it is very likely the jets are of either the F-15S or Eurofighter Typhoon variety. What’s noteworthy isn’t so much the hardware itself, rather the fact the RSAF has moved its aircraft closer to the fight in an effort to demonstrate its commitment. The technology isn’t in question, but some might say their heart or resolve is. Time will tell.

Although a senior Saudi military official said the Royal Saudi Air Force deployed fighter jets to the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, Turkish officials say the deployment will take place in the coming weeks.

Brigadier Gen. Ahmed Al-Assiri, consultant to Saudi Minister of Defense Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, confirmed to Saudi-owned news station Al-Arabiya the arrival of Saudi Air Force jets at the Turkish base.

“Our jet fighters and crews have been deployed to the Incirlik Air Base,” he said. “We have deployed them as part of the international coalition led by Washington,” he added.

Assiri also confirmed the kingdom’s readiness to enter ground operations in Syria but to this point no Saudi Special Operations Forces have been deployed to Turkey.

“The Saudi deployment is only limited to Air Force personnel at this point,” he said.

RSAF Deploys Fighter Jets From Saudi Arabia To Turkey
Although no confirmation has been given, it is likely the jets the RSAF has deployed to Incirlik are of the F-15S variety, like this one. (Photo by Scott Wolff)

Turkish military sources said the Saudi aircraft would be used either in airstrikes against ISIL strongholds in Syria or in support missions if the two countries decide to engage in a cross-border land operation inside Syria.

They did not comment on how many Saudi aircraft would arrive on Turkish soil, but they confirmed reports that Saudi military officials visited Incirlik recently on a reconnaissance mission.

Cavusoglu said that Turkey and Saudi Arabia have long considered a land operation in Syria but no decision has been made.

He said: “This is not an issue for Turkey or Saudi Arabia alone, we have been saying that the [international] coalition should be doing this. But there is no solid decision on this yet, no concrete strategy. This is not a new idea, but as of today there is no final decision regarding a ground operation.”

Sunni regional powers Turkey and Saudi Arabia has long spearheaded efforts to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who is supported by Shiite and Shiite-dominated governments in Iran and Iraq and by Russia.

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(Photos by Scott Wolff)