The US Air Force has announced the F-35s stationed at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona will remain grounded while they try to resolve issues with the aircraft’s breathing system.

Just a few days ago Fighter Sweep reported to you about the decision to ground the aircraft and conduct extra training for pilots on techniques to recognize the symptoms of hypoxia and oxygen starvation.

“The 56th Fighter Wing will continue their pause in local F-35A flying to coordinate analysis and communication between pilots, maintainers, medical professionals and a team of military and industry experts,” Luke spokeswoman Maj. Rebecca Heyse said in a statement.

“This coordination will include technical analysis of the physiological incidents to date and discussions on possible risk mitigation options to enable a return to flying operations,” she added. “Updates will be provided as our teams work together toward safely returning to building the future of airpower through trained F-35A pilots.” – DoDBuzz

The interesting question is ‘why’ just ground the aircraft at Luke AFB? If the problem is serious enough to cause great concern, which appears to be the case with the grounding of aircraft for multiple days now what makes them think all the F-35s don’t share this same problem?

So it appears the Air Force is saying only stealth fighters stationed at Luke pose a risk. Good to know! Really???

Featured image by US Air Force