The Syrian Army says they shot down an Israeli jet that was attacking military targets near Palmyra inside Syrian territory. The Israeli government has confirmed they did send aircraft into Syria to attack targets but said that all of their airplanes returned safely to Israel.

The Syrian army high command said the jet was struck by an anti-aircraft missile after it had flown back into Israeli-controlled territory.

It said it was one of four planes which “penetrated our air space at 2.40am (12.30 GMT) via Lebanese territory”.

It added that an air defence unit hit another jet and “forced the rest to flee”.

An Israeli military spokesman denied a jet had been shot down, adding: “At no point was the safety of Israeli civilians or the IAF (Israeli Air Force) aircraft compromised.” – Sky News

Claiming they shot down an Israeli plane seems to be a normal thing for Syria to do. Just last year they made the same claim and Israel denied it then as well.

So do you think this really happened?

Feature image of Israeli Defense Force-Air Force F-15I’s aircraft in air defense maneuvers mission over the Nevada Test and Training Ranges, at Nellis Airforce Base, Nevada, during Exercise Red Flag by US Air Force