The Cormorant, a self-flying vehicle could be used to rescue soldiers on remote battlefields.

In the words of Philip Werthman, a California-based adviser to the board of Urban Aeronautics: “It is real, it is flying, and we are going to have it here in the United States in the next few years.”

The “it’ Werthman is talking about is called Cormorant, a flying vehicle that, unlike a helicopter, has no exposed rotors. It could not only save American lives on battlefields a world away, but also on highways right here at home, because it could be used in civil emergencies or horrific traffic accidents to get to victims when helicopters can’t fly or can’t land. – Fox News

Featured image by video screen capture

C:\Users\dougk\OneDrive\Documents\Websites\Fighter Sweep\Images\2018 June\The_Cormorant_-_Self_Flying_Vehicle

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