If you have not seen a V-22 Osprey mid-air refueling you have been missing out on a lot of excitement! This gives a whole new meaning to the word dicey.

Watch: V-22 Osprey Aircraft Mid-air Refueling

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V-22 Osprey Aircraft Mid-air Refueling
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Did you know the Osprey can also mid-air refuel other aircraft?

Crew: Four (pilot, copilot and two flight engineers/crew chiefs)

24 troops (seated), 32 troops (floor loaded)
1× Growler light internally transportable ground vehicle
Length: 57 ft 4 in
Rotor diameter: 38 ft 0 in
Wingspan: 45 ft 10 in
Max. takeoff weight: 60,500 lb
Maximum vertical takeoff weight: 52,600 lb[51]

Powerplant: 2 × Rolls-Royce Allison T406/AE 1107C-Liberty turboshafts, 6,150 hp (4,590 kW) each


Maximum speed: 275 knots
Cruise speed: 241 knots
Range: 879 nmi
Service ceiling: 25,000 ft

Featured image from YouTube Video Screenshot