The EX Performance Stock is a Perfect Pairing on the VR80

I love my VR80 shotgun but I didn’t love the OEM stock and handle.  Adaptive Tactical provided me a solution that was more than just aesthetics.

EX Performance Adjustable Stock

The EX Performance Adjustable Stock from Adaptive Tactical comes with a non-slip vented rubber recoil pad that takes the oomph out of the 12-gauge round.  The rubber recoil pad decreases felt recoil and reduces shooter fatigue.

The rapid adjustment lever is easy to reach and comes with a QD and standard swivel attachments.

Easy to Install

The stock was super easy to install after removing the grip and OEM stock off of the VR80.  I removed the cover off of the butt pad, removed the retention screw, unscrewed the grip, and slid the original stock and grip off of the VR80.


The Adaptive Tactical stock is compatible with MIL-SPEC extension tubes like that used on the VR80.  I simply lifted the lever and slid it on.  It was really that easy to install.

Make Sure You Get A Grip

Be sure to have a new pistol grip to install on the VR80 when you go to the Adaptive Tactical EX Performance Adjustable Stock as it will no longer be the unibrow version anymore.

The Adaptive Tactical Stock is 7.25” in length, 2” in width, and 5.25” tall.

Made in the USA

Adaptive Tactical EX Performance Stocks are made in the USA and are rugged, adjustable, and decreases felt recoil!

While the EX Performance Stock is marketed for AR15/AR10 rifles it also works perfectly on the VR80!

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