The Problem

As much as we’ve advanced as people the world is still a very violent and brutal place. It is true we do live in the safest time period in the history of man. How did we get there? We evolved as a society sure. We became more civilized, and more importantly, we advanced in a few areas of technology. Our medicine is top notch, our law enforcement has never been better prepared than now, and of course, we have developed technologies to minimize the actions of violent people.

As a society we know we cannot prevent every violent attack, so we strive to learn from violent situations. That is exactly what Ambitec Inc did in 2015. After a series of violent attacks on military recruitment centers, a need was discovered. Military recruiters are the face of the military in civilian society, and in a war on terror, they are vulnerable targets.

The Solution

The question was how do we protect these vulnerable soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines? Ambitec analyzed the events, and tactics used by the terrorists and developed an answer to the question. Ambitec developed the Office Environment Ballistic Panels and Partitions. Ambitec’s solution included simple bulletproof partitions, full-length bulletproof glass, and a combination of both bulletproof glass and bulletproof partitions.

Ambitec Ballistic Partitions

They needed a way to protect recruiters and civilians and they realized they didn’t need recruiter’s offices to look like bunkers. The ballistic panel and partitions look far from tactical. They look quite plain and they fit in perfectly with any office environment. The standard partition and the combination partition allows you to use it as a bulletin board.

The partitions can be connected together to form cubicles or to simply connect partitions lengthwise to form a bulletproof wall. The option to customize it allows the end user to fit and form the partitions for their individual needs.

The Response

Almost immediately the United States military took notice and National Guards units across the country adopted the panels to increase their facility’s level of protection. This panels blend in perfectly with an office environment and offers a level of protection that’s hard, if not impossible to beat. These panels and partitions can absorb multiple impacts from high-velocity rifle rounds, giving soldiers and civilians alike true cover.

Ambitec Ballistic Partitions

Cover and Concealment

In the real world, there are very few things that you both take cover behind and trust to stop rifle rounds. The Office Environment Ballistic Panels and Partitions offer a solution to that problem. They offer both cover and concealment and stop bullets without issue.

What’s important to remember is these are not designed to be used solely by the military. These panels are perfect for any environment. They are well suited for offices around the world. The panels are easy to install and are available in a wide variety of sizes and even colors.

Ambitec Ballistic Partitions

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*Photos courtesy of Ambitec