I’ve tried several boots in the past few years and I always seem to get the same brands: Asolo, Lowa and La Sportiva. In the past 3 years though, I’ve worn the Asolo Fugitive GTX.

The boots are tough, keep your feet dry and are comfortable even when you are carrying a heavy ruck. The boots are made of water-resistant split-grain leather and Cordura uppers with a Gore-Tex liner. The combined weight is about 3 lbs. Not too heavy, not to light.

These boots excel on mountainous terrain as well as desert. I’ve taken mine to the sandbox and to the mountains and they never let me down.

Asolo Fugitive GTX Boots: Combat Tested

One of the things I found useful when wearing these boots (and pretty much any boot) is the use of professional insoles. I use Superfeet blue or orange depending on the weight I’ll be carrying. It is a must-have since the insoles that come with the Asolo boots are thin and provide not support.

One thing I’ve notice is how well they perform in semi-cold conditions. Usually boots this breathable provide next to no insulation on cold conditions. The Fugitive, though, were great in late fall / early winter snow int he mountains. I wound’t recommend them for full on winter pursuits, but they are great for colder temps.

Asolo Fugitive GTX Boots: Combat Tested

Overall I love these boots. The current pair I have is my second pair. The first one served me well for over 2 years before the soles were too thin for me to wear them properly.

Asolo is a great choice for boots.