Those of you that follow me on Instagram know that I like knives and trail running. One of the things I have on me during every run is a knife. I’ve run with folding knives clipped to my running shorts, but if I were ever presented with a threat and an elevated hear rate I may not have the fine motor skills to deploy a folding knife fast enough. Running with a fixed blade can be tricky if it’s too heave and doesn’t stay put when running. For those two reasons I have chosen the Blade Rigs Guppy fixed blade. It’s a small compact package capable of neutralizing your threat.

Even though the overall length of the knife is only 5.25″, the blade is 3″ making it capable of reaching vital organs if used correctly.

Blade Rigs Guppy | Minimalist LoVis Fixed Blade
Overall Length 5.25″ with a blade length of 3″

The blade on the Guppy is small, but designed to allow you to quickly grip and draw the blade from the sheath.

Blade Rigs Guppy | Minimalist LoVis Fixed Blade
Blade Rigs Guppy in the hand. Notice the 2 finger grip.
Blade Rigs Guppy | Minimalist LoVis Fixed Blade
With a closed grip like this the blade is very secure in the hand, thanks to the larger palm swell of the handle.
Blade Rigs Guppy | Minimalist LoVis Fixed Blade
Even when the knife is in the sheath you can get a full 2 finger grip to deploy the knife.

The draw stroke does take a little getting used to since you’re only using 2 fingers (see above photos). That learning curve is easily mastered after you have put the reps in practicing your draw stroke.

The Blade Rigs sheath design is where this package shines. The sheath is designed to be ambidextrous meaning that I can sheath the knife in either a left or right orientation.

The sheath also comes with an IWB clip that has a clothing catch built into it, so that when you draw the blade, the sheath stays put on your waistline.

Blade Rigs Guppy | Minimalist LoVis Fixed Blade
IWB metal clip with clothing catch.

The Blade Rigs Guppy knife and sheath round out an almost perfect running package for those of you that like to run with some type of blade for personal protection. Be sure to checkout the Blade Rigs website as well as their Facebook page and Instagram page.

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