Camping’s changed since your dad took you out as a kid. It’s still all about getting away from it all — the emails, the 24-hour news cycle, the mind-melt of the suburb life. But well-placed technology and high-end design has trickled down into the basics of camping. Thank god. Now you can build the perfect overland rig with just the right touches of civilization — for when you want them.

But if you’re going to spend the big bucks, or ask your wife to buy you a serious camping gift this father’s day, you’ll want to make sure to pull the trigger on just the right gear. Maybe it’s time to upgrade that POS cooler that smells like ass, improve your campfire cooking game, or splurge on the most beastly shovel ever made. Or maybe you just want the best damn hammock around to hang in. Whatever it is, you deserve it. Here’s our favorite camping gear to ask for this father’s day:

Bernzomatic TS8000

At a certain age, matches and kindling lose their appeal. You want a proper fire now, dammit. Enter the Bernzomatic TS8000, a fire machine with much sex appeal. It’s got an auto start/stop ignition, an aluminum body, pressure regulation for consistent flame while tilting, and an adjustable flame control knob. That means roaring a fire faster, so you can get your butt in your camp chair and kick your feet up. 

Amazon: $49


Osage River Twain Double Hammock

Camping gifts

If you don’t have one of mankind’s greatest creations, Osage River’s version of a hammock is what you need. Don’t let the Twain Double Hammock’s name fool you: you can have it all to yourself. Its lightweight parachute nylon is breathable and comfortable, perfect for sneaking a nap at the campsite while your wife keeps the kids occupied. And when you really need some alone time in the backcountry, it’s big enough to fit a sleeping bag, making it the perfect addition to your ultralight kit. When you come home, you can stow away the rest of your gear and throw it up in the backyard.  

The Loadout Room: $60


Dometic CFX3 35

overlanding gear

As Mr. Schwarzenegger might say, It’s not a cooooler! It’s a goddamned fridge with freezing capabilities. It holds up to 50 cans, but you’ll probably want to keep more than beer in there; think a couple frozen T-bones or the backstrap from that recent hunt. It takes both DC and AC power for whatever makes most sense in your adventuremobile, it has a color hi-res screen, and you can control the temperature from a phone app. Make no mistake, this is not just a fancy toy. The CFX3 is built like a tank and runs quietly. Welcome to the future of long-rang adventures.

Dometic: $900


Alpha Industries M-65 Field Coat

cool camping gear

Alpha Industries made the M-65 Field Coat for the U.S. military for decades. This one’s got all the same mil-spec quality: concealed hood in the collar, 50/50 nylon/cotton shell, four exterior body pockets. It’s simple, utilitarian, and durable. The perfect light layer for sitting around the campfire with your family.

The Loadout Room: $225


Coleman Gas Camping Stove

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The heart and soul of any campsite is the stove. This one is lightweight, durable, and easy to set up. Two adjustable push-button started burners have enough firepower to boil water for coffee or bring a cast iron up to searing temperature in minutes. You won’t realize how much you need its wind-blocking panels until you don’t use them. And its chrome-plated grate and rust-resistant aluminum cooktop are easy to clean after you’ve spent all your energy on that bigass pot of killer camp chili.

Amazon: $65+


DMOS Elite Delta Shovel

great camping gear

Don’t let that name fool you: this thing is the perfect do-it-all campsite tool. Its single-piece 6061 aluminum is good for digging a latrine or digging out the truck. The handle holds a concealed saw blade. It turns into a hoe and it can fold up for easy stowaway. Oh, and it’s built like a brick shithouse, too.

DMOS: $299


Overland Solar Overlander 160

flexible solar panel

Overlanding requires a few vital electronic goods. The Solar Overlander 160 runs all that gear efficiently and quietly. This tech was pioneered by special operators, and now it can be yours. Its design keeps a low profile for stealth camping. Yet, it’s built for high performance to keep lighting, fridges, and whatever else running as long as you need ‘em. You’ll probably want more than one.

Overland Solar: $465