It turns out one of the most exciting clothing products I saw at this year’s SHOT show wasn’t even a new one for 2017.  The Danner Tachyon was one of the few items I had circled not two but three times in my notebook to review once I had returned to the ol’ homestead.  Imagine my surprise when I found a Quick Look article on this very site: from 2014.  After my  recent tour of the Danner factory, I was given the chance to test out a few pairs of boots.  First up, the Reckoning.  The next to come in the mail, the Tachyon in sage green.  Note: my camera had a color filter on so the green appears as a tan, but only in the photos.

The big deal about the Tachyon is the weight.  26 oz per pair might sound pretty light, but it feels even lighter when you put them on.  My brain is confused, but my feet are happy.  Is it a boot?  Too light.  A shoe?  Too tall!  I don’t what exactly what to call them, but I dig ’em anyways.

Danner Tachyon | First Impressions
The pentagonal lugs on the outsole provide excellent traction from many angles.

So here’s some tech specs for you.  The Tachyon is made from leather, fast-drying synthetics, EVA polymer midsole and a 100% rubber outsole.  A nylon shank provides arch support and a polyurethane footbed increases cushion and comfort.  There is no liner and no toe cup.  This is stripped-down, minimalist footwear at it’s best.

Every piece of this boot is either providing cushion or fast-wicking support.  I don’t prefer my boots to be overly stiff, I’d rather have the freedom of motion and bring my own ankle support from home.  The Tachyon is right at home in hot, humid areas, but adding a wool sock can keep you warm enough to make this a solid 3-season performer.  From the construction alone one can be sure this will dry out much faster than an old pair of jungle boots.  I’ve already found that these are much more comfortable to run in than my trail shoes, which are 4-5 oz heavier as well…

As with any good boot, you need a good amount of time to really wring them out and appreciate their strengths while uncovering their weaknesses.  I’ll be thrashing these all summer long and I’ll be posting a full review down the line.

Stay tuned..

Danner Tachyon | First Impressions