Dark Energy is a company I’ve been aware of for nearly a year now, and frankly, I use a few of their products on a daily basis. Some of their products, such as the Poseidon Pro, the Paracord Survival Charge Cable, and the Carabiner Pro, all have a place in my daily life, and each of them performs brilliantly.

About a month ago, someone from Dark Energy contacted me and asked me to check out Mavrik Stand, a new wireless charging product that they said they would be debuting soon. As any great company does, they wanted me – and others – to put the Mavrik Stand through its paces to see whether any issues popped up before they released it to the consumer.

Put to the Test

Upon receipt of the Mavrik Stand, I immediately unboxed it and put it to use. I was already using a wireless charger to recharge my phone at night, but for the purpose of the test, I switched it out to the Mavrik. Long story short, the Mavrik Stand is still on my nightstand.

Magnet Array on the Mavrik Stand. (Dark Energy)

I immediately liked two specific features of the Mavrik Stand. First, I liked how the stand “grabbed” onto my phone using the MagSafe charge system and ensured that my phone was in the perfect position to charge. Another feature I really liked about the Mavrik is that it has a removable center charging “puck” that can be easily popped out to wirelessly charge an item flat on a table (I use it to charge my Apple AirPods).

The base of the Mavrik is weighted, which counteracts the weight of the phone and prevents it from tipping, and a rim at the bottom of the charge surface prevents the phone from falling off the stand in the event it becomes dislodged from the retaining magnets (which never happened during my testing).

The Mavrik Stand has a weighted base with built-in steel plates for added stability. (Dark Energy)

Mavrik Stand Integrates into Daily Life

I’ve used the Mavrik to charge my phone every single night since the day I received it, and I’ve yet to wake up to an uncharged phone (which was a semi-common occurrence with my other wireless charger). Beyond that, with its matte black look, it is much more attractive on my nightstand than my previous gloss white wireless charger. I also love the fact that the Mavrik charges my phone in an upright – or horizontal – position rather than flat. Because of that, I can still watch something on my phone while it charges. My last wireless charger laid flat, which prevented me from interacting with the phone at all while it charged.

Dark Energy says the following about the orientation advantages of the Mavrik Stand:

“Facetime the family, follow a recipe in the kitchen, watch a show, join a Zoom call, all while using and charging your phone handsfree. Now your phone can be a convenient additional monitor.”

Watch a show while charging on the Mavrik Stand. (Dark Energy)

Charging Speeds of the Mavrik Stand

The Mavrik Stand also charges my phone fast. When paired with a Dark Energy 20W wall adapter, charge rates for the Mavrik Stand are as high as 15W, which charges my iPhone 13 in roughly 2.5-3 hours. The website www.9to5mac.com says of the newest two iPhone models’ general charging capabilities:

“The MagSafe puck magnetically snaps to the back of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, and that secure fit enables a faster charging speed than standard Qi. Using MagSafe, you can achieve up to 15-watt charging speeds. Using MagSafe, you can charge from zero to 50% in about 50 minutes, and attain 100% charge in about 2.5-3 hours. The old Qi type of charging would take the same iPhone roughly 5 hours to charge to 100%.”

That’s a significant difference and one that the Mavrik Stand’s magnetic charging system allows for.

Final Thoughts

In all, after a month of using the Mavrik Stand daily, I’ve yet to have an issue with any portion of this stand. Simply put, it securely charges when I need it to, and it does it fast; which really are the main important features of any wireless charger. Add to it the svelte looks and the fact that it is made by a company I’ve found to be reputable and that stands behind its products, and the Mavrik is a product I can fully recommend.