Rarely can a piece of clothing I wear have an effect on me. Clothing for me is mostly t-shirts and jeans. That’s a good reason why the 5.11 Defender Flex jeans have made such a big impact on my life. I have three pairs of these bad boys now and I absolutely love them. 5.11 Tactical was mostly known for making uniform gear for first responders and military forces. Only recently have they dug into the world of civilian wear. And the Defender Flex Jeans have proved they know how to do it. 

The Defender Flex Jeans – A Tactical Lifestyle

The civilian use of jeans is apparent, but hey, the SAS commando in Africa proved that jeans are plenty tactical. Now from a concealed carrier’s perspective, these pants are perfect. The Flex in the name comes from the inclusion of a polyester and cotton blend. This innovative blend increases flexibility and allows the jeans to move with you. 

Mobility restrictions aren’t an issue with the Defender Flex Jeans. You can run, jump, squat, and do your thing without difficulty. I wear them all the time when training at the range. I find the flexibility they offer to be invaluable. Moving between standing, kneeling, diving, dipping, and hitting the ground never feels challenging or difficult due to my pants — although it can be challenging and difficult due to my general lack of flexibility (I gotta get on that Yoga again). 

This flexibility and give the jeans offer also prevents you from ripping them in embarrassment. The flexibility also gives you extra room to accommodate an inside-the-waistband handgun of nearly any size. The jeans stretch a few extra inches and keep things nice and comfortable. 

Even if packing a piece or moving dynamically doesn’t appeal to you, then how about comfort? The Defender Flex Jeans are both lightweight and very comfortable. They weigh 10 ounces in total and fit amazingly. They look lovely, feel good, and have more to offer than most jeans. 

Tactically Concealed

Oh, these are seven pocket pants, and there are no visible cargo pockets. Instead, you have two extra, near-invisible hip pockets. These pockets are sized perfectly to perfectly accommodate an AR 15 magazine. I’ve run reloads with my 80% lower rifle and found them to be quite practical. The pockets also greatly fit a tourniquet as well as nearly any other moderately sized item. From experience, I will say they are handy for keeping a smaller water bottle holstered and ready for hydration purposes. 

The Defender Flex Jeans’ right front pocket sports a coin pocket that is quite deep. Deep enough to stash a knife or even a spare handgun magazine. It allows you to keep things handy and concealed. 

The belt loops are reinforced, and the rear of the pants offers a double belt loop for increased security. This totals eight belt loops, and that provides excellent support if you like to carry bigger gats. 

What About Durability?

I’ve worn my original pair of blue Defender Flex Jeans for years now, and I wear them regularly. They’ve barely even faded. The 5.11 Defender Flex Jeans are superbly strong and seem to hold up. They are well worth the price of admission. I’d much rather spend 70 bucks on a pair of these jeans than 70 dollars on a pair of Levis. Plus, 5.11 Tactical supports the 2nd Amendment, our military, and first responders. 

These are pretty my favorite pants of all time. The Flex line of pants is expanding into different genres as well, and as the owner of some of the Chinos, I can’t recommend them enough either. Do yourself a favor and check ’em out

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