Tools that make you a better shooter can in many shapes and forms. Shot timers are an excellent tool, as is the MantisX training device, and we can’t forget Snap Caps. However, one item that will help you train better is a magazine loader. I know what you’re thinking: How can a magazine loader help you train better? Simple, you’ll load magazines faster. Therefore you’ll have more time to shoot and more time to train. Your hands will be less tired, and you’ll be better focused on the task at hand.

What’s the best loader? That’s a tough call, but the ETS CAM Loader most certainly ranks high.

It gets even better when you see its price tag. It’s super cheap and extremely versatile. For less than 30 bucks, you get a magazine loader than functions with a wide variety of calibers and magazine types. These magazine loaders come in both rifle and pistol configurations — mine is the rifle variant. The ETS CAM loader for rifles works with AR 15, AK 47/74, AR 10, MP5s, the G36, Colt SMGs, CZ Scorpions, Uzis, and with likely many, many more.

The ETS CAM Loader – It’s The Design

The small size of the ETS CAM loader makes it perfect for tossing it in a range bag or even pocketing it. A lot of loaders are more or less designed for loading at home, but the ETS CAM is perfect for the range with its small size and comfortable design.

The loader works uniquely as a built-in stripper clip that allows you to pick up as many as 20 rounds at a time on its long stem or if the ammo is lined up in boxes, you can pick up five rounds at a time. Most rifle boxes aren’t designed like this, but for 9mm carbines, it’s an excellent feature.

It makes loading a combat load of 7 magazines quick and straightforward. In about three minutes, I loaded 210 rounds of 9mm into my CZ Scorpion magazines. With 5.56, it can take a little longer, depending on how the ammo is boxed.

Save Them Thumbs

Being fast is fine, and honestly, a huge perk. Another huge perk is the fact that my thumbs are spared the use and abuse of loading magazines. Loading seven magazines isn’t a big deal. Loading seven magazines times three gets old. Loading a dozen magazines at a time is downright masochistic. The ETS CAM loader keeps them thumbs spry and feeling fine. This makes running your gun a bit more comfortable. Strong hands ensure excellent control over your weapon.

Its durability is absolutely fantastic. I’ve been using it for well over a year, and it is still running like a champ. The ETS CAM loader’s design is simple and durable. It’s made out of polymer and it just seems to keep working no matter what. I’ve dropped it, left it out overnight, stepped on it, and it’s still easy to use.

The simple design most certainly lends itself to the durability of the device. ETS knows magazines and produces dozens of different ones, so it makes sense that their magazine loader works well.

For less than 30 bucks, it’s hard to beat the ETS CAM Loader for a rifle or a pistol.