The Armaspec XPDW stock was released at SHOT Show 2016 in Las Vegas this past January and once I saw it I was hoping I would get to try one on my Noveske short barrel rifle. Well wishes sometimes come true as I opened my mailbox on an ordinary Thursday afternoon and found an unexpected package. The Armaspec XPDW rifle stock.

There are many different options for AR15 owners when it comes to rifle stocks. Magpul, Vitor, B5 Systems, and Mission First Tactical to name a few. Now you can add Armaspec to the growing list of manufacturers. Each manufacturer has its own merits, some hold batteries, some are easy to adjust, some produced standard military grade adjustable stocks. Armaspec went a different route with there XPDW stock, they used a different twist on the approach.

First Look: Armaspec XPDW Stock
Stock fully collapsed only 6.875″ long

This stock is brand new, I literally received it yesterday as I write this to get word out to you, our readers. It’s a bit heavy but seems to be built like a tank. I was really excited to get it especially since I wasn’t aware it was even coming. Several things aside from the weight of the stock stood out to me, but first lets look at the specs and the break down of the XPDW Stock.


Weight: 16.06 Ounces


  • Closed Length: 6.875″
  • Fully Open Length: 10.0″

Number of length positions: five total

Warranty: Lifetime


  • Body and butt pad: Aluminum
  • Guide and support rods: Hardened Steel

Special Features:

  • Quick detach point on butt pad
  • Uses standard Mil-Spec buffer tube
  • No special tools, buffer or springs needed
  • Made in U.S.A. (who doesn’t love that)
First Look: Armaspec XPDW Stock
Easily installation with supplied wrenches

Initial Impressions:

My initial impression is that this stock is heavier than other stocks I’ve tried but it’s built like a brick. The butt pad assembly uses an ambidextrous button to release and it slides effortlessly. The stock does however stop at each of the five strops along the rail for easy adjustment on the fly. Installation on any Mil-Spec AR15 buffer tube takes less than two minutes. I demonstrated this in the below video.

Looking over the stock at first I thought it was missing a sling point and was going to note that in the review until I saw a hole in the bottom of the stock and decided to try to insert a quick detach sling point in the, and PRESTO, it worked. I then read the literature provided and checked the Armaspec company web site and yes they didn’t forget the quick detach sling point.

Testing and Videos

This stock will be tested in the very near future on my Noveske 10.5″ short barrel rifle. I have to take the SBR out to try out new optics and a new Geissele Mk IV rail anyway so why not try a bunch of stuff at once. I fully intend to drop this, scratch it, and test its impact resistance in lots of imaginative ways I assure you. Here is a quick install and overview video until I get out to the range.

If there are any tests you would like to see on this stock drop us a line in the comments section below or use the FRAGO and we will be happy to try them out, unless it will destroy my SBR in the process.