During my time spent training for Pararescue Indoc I encountered many different obstacles in as many areas of my life. I know everyone is different in their own unique way, but we’re all on the same playing field when it comes to achieving the best. Whatever the direction it may be we all face obstacles in our pursuits and I know now I’ve had mine. Here are six obstacles I’ve come across and how I’ve handled them.

1) Find A Mentor

When I first decided to become a PJ I didn’t know how to get train for it. I didn’t know if I should hit the weights, spend time running, swimming, reading. What I did was research a little more about them and talked to some people around my church. I ended up meeting someone through a friend who had been through Indoc who was able to set me on the right path.

2) Know Thy Weakness

I am gifted athletically, but have had a bad work ethic. In other words, when I have reached the end of my gifted abilities so then did my workouts end. I love working out — running, swimming, weight lifting — but when it came down to pull-ups and push-ups I was desperate to quit because I wasn’t naturally good at it. What I have found since then is playing mind games has changed everything for me, I’m redefine what I can do. For example, it depends on the workout but when I reach a max set, or if I just feel like quitting, I tell myself “ok, five more,” and after the five I say “Ok, now five more,” and when I am having difficulty reaching the five I say “Ok, three more,” until that particular push-up, or sit-up, workout is complete. This neurological rewiring of what I can do has been difficult but I’m starting to see results. It wasn’t easy at first, but now I’ve been working on and it’s becoming natural. I tell myself to do something, then make it so.

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