If a guy’s wearing a gun belt, he’s probably a combat-style shooter. Reason being, the more you shoot in a combat style — shooting and moving, or shooting at dynamic targets — the more you realize you need a PLATFORM for your firearms. A range bag won’t do it.

In fact, nine times out of ten, when good shooters show up to shoot at one of my ranges, they almost never bring a range bag. They just have their gun belt. (That doesn’t mean they always have everything they need, though. They’re just being lazy.)

The gun belt, or “battle belt” as the SOF boys call it, carries everything you need for some light gunfighting. Or an afternoon at the range.

Let’s look at the Zombie Apocalypse (ZA). In your survivor/defender “outfit” (as my wife would call it), you need three platforms for three situations.

  1. Concealed. Concealed holster plus one or two mags. Handgun only. Applies only to that scenario where concealment trumps security because of serious limitations.
  2. Gun Belt. Open carry holster plus handgun mags AND rifle mags. Applies to DAILY CARRY scenario in the ZA — gardening, chopping wood, puttering around the BOL. This is your standard, everyday, gun platform.
  3. Chest Rig. Tons of mags, tons of gear (first aid, hydration, etc.) maybe protective plates and/or soft armor. Applies to GOING INTO A KNOWN FIGHT during the ZA. Cool looking, but not likely that you’d use it much.

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