I doubt anyone is unfamiliar with Hydro Flask, but just in case you are, they are one of the most popular bottle manufacturers on the market.  Hydro Flask makes numerous bottles for hydration, coffee, beer, and even food.  They also offer bottle customization, boasting that they have 183,456 unique combinations of sizes, colors, and lids available.

Hydro Flask also offers a few bundles on their website.  One of these is the Adventure Bundle, which comes with two 32 oz wide mouth bottles; each of these bottles comes with a wide mouth flex cap and a straw lid.  I used these bottles extensively during a recent trip to Southern Utah and really admired their performance.  Before getting into the review, here are the specifications from their webpage:


  • Two 32 oz wide mouth bottles
  • Includes wide mouth flex cap and straw lid for both bottles
  • Each straw lid includes two customizable straws
  • Durable 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel construction
  • BPA-free and phthalate-free
  • Lifetime warranty

What makes Hydro Flask bottles so great?

Hydro Flask bottles include many stand-out features.  For starters, their TempShield™ technology deserves the most praise. TempShield™ is Hydro Flask’s double wall, vacuum insulated technology.  In laymen terms, this is what keeps your Hydro Flask’s content from losing its heat or chill too quickly.  It also prevents condensation from collecting on the bottle.  Hydro Flask claims that beverages will stay cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours.  I recently tested out the Adventure Bundle out on the road and on some trails; both 32 oz bottles kept our drinks cold throughout varying temperatures.  While I didn’t put ice in my bottle and time exactly how long it would take to turn lukewarm, I can testify that your beverage will stay the same temperature for a considerable amount of time, at least long enough until you finish it.

My experience with the Adventure Bundle

I found myself preferring the straw lid over the flex cap almost all the time.  The straw lid doesn’t leak and offers a convenient way to access your beverage without unscrewing the lid.  I used these bottles while driving thousands of miles on the road, and since these bottles don’t fit into my cup holders, they spent the majority of our drive getting thrown around the back of the car.  We also threw them into our packs while out on the trails and never experienced a single leak.  The flex cap is not without merit though. The advantage of the flex cap is the ability to carry your Hydro Flask bottle by hand, with the straw lid you only get one finger loop.  The interchangeable lids are a big perk for these bottles.

Hydro Flask Adventure Bundle: Make yourself a friend

Another feature I liked but never saw highlighted by Hydro Flask was that their lids cover the drinking brim of their bottles.  I’ve used other bottles in the past where lids screwed onto the inside of the bottle instead of the outside, sometimes these drinking brims could dirty in the environment.  With Hydro Flask bottles, this is not a concern.

The verdict

The Good

  • Keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot
  • Adventure Bundle saves costs
  • Lids cover drinking brim
  • Straw lids don’t leak
  • Many colors to choose from

The Bad

  • The 32 oz bottles are too big to fit in a cup holder
  • Won’t work if you’re trying to use it to boil water

At the time of writing this review, the Adventure Bundle sells for $99.80, which is cheaper than buying each product separately. Both my friend and I had nothing bad to say about our Hydro Flask bottles during our trip.  They are lightweight compared to other manufacturers’ bottles and they do their job well.  As mentioned earlier, the Adventure Bundle offers a variety of colors to choose from to appease all preferences.  Therefore, the question isn’t whether or not to buy a Hydro Flask bottle, but rather, what color should you buy.

Do you own a Hydro Flask bottle or use another insulated bottle?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!