“I once saw him kill three men in a bar with a pencil….” are the famous words of the big bad guy regarding John Wick. Admittedly, that’s an impressive feat. But it’s not out of the realm of possibility when armed with the GLG Knife Works Lumber Crayon. 

Nonpermssive environments often have rules and policies in place to prevent you from being armed. Well, armed in the traditional sense, that is. Banning knives, guns, pepper spray, and all other overt weapons is easy; but there is always a way. A little company called GLG Knifeworks has made that a little simpler. Think of them as your personal Q for discrete and covert self-defense items. While they do make traditional knives, but you also get items like the Lumber Crayon that is a sharp tool hidden in plain sight. 

The Lumber Crayon is a big flat piece of G10 that is sharpened at one end and painted to resemble a typical lumber pencil. Imagine a sharpened stake with a rectangular handle capable of fitting in your pocket. Its sharp point will undoubtedly cause harm when it’s jammed into the soft fleshy parts of a mugger, terrorist, rapist, or any other bad guy in need of a quick attitude adjustment. 

Another such tool is GLG Knifeworks Book Chisels. They are bookmarks with a chiseled edge that allows you to smoothly squeeze the device into a book or a bad guy’s face. The chiseled edge enables the Book Chisel to be a competent and sharp impact weapon. 

Coloring Inside the Lines With the Lumber Crayon

These tools are discrete, disguised, and perfect for those beloved gun-free zones. Of course, I would never advise you to break the law. Know your state laws well before carrying anything that could be used as a weapon. Laws are one thing; policies are another. A policy saying I can’t have a gun doesn’t mean I won’t find a way to be armed. The Lumber Crayon and Book Chisel open up such options. 

The Lumber Crayon is a weapon you can carry in plain sight. It can stay tucked up behind your ear, attached to a clipboard, in a shirt pocket, or just about anywhere else. Unless, of course, they ask to borrow a pencil. What’s important to remember about the Lumber Crayon is that it’s hard to deny that it is a weapon should someone inspect carefully, since it’s a sharpened stake of epoxy-like material. 

The Book Chisel is a bit more deniable. It can be very easily explained as a bookmark when, of course, accompanied by a book. It’s also harder to spot when tucked up in a book and, therefore, out of the way. It’s always easy to have in hand and at the ready. 

The edge on the Book Chisel is not prominent like a blade’s, but you can feel how it can cause severe discomfort when you rub a finger across its chiseled tip. The Book Chisels also come in a few different sizes and color combinations. Some are smooth and others have a textured portion that leads to an increased grip. 

The G10 Option

GLG Knifeworks use G10, which is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate. G10 is a popular material used to create knife grips, gun grips, and more. The material is popular for being easily textured and colored. It’s also durable and strong, resistant to heat, moisture, and most chemicals. 

G10 is also impossible to detect via metal detectors and has a low footprint. The material can be made thin without compromising its strength. This allows the Lumber Crayon and Book Chisel to be quite durable, even though they are not superbly thick. G10 is also a lightweight material. 

The Book Chisel and Lumber Crayon are a discrete option for environments not so friendly to traditional arms. Every weapon has its place, and when it’s time to be low profile, you can’t get more discrete than these. Check ’em out at GLG Knifeworks


This article was originally published in August 2020.