I’ve become less and less a fan of energy drinks that have flooded the market.  Mainly because they mostly have non-natural ingredients and enough caffeine and sugar to power a small Asian sweat shop for weeks. So I was a little skeptical (with a dose of optimism) when I received a batch to try and review.

A few months later and I can honestly say I’ve noticed a difference in energy post recovery.  I’ve tried several cans before work outs (mostly swimming) and haven’t noticed considerable improvement in energy but the drink is mostly for endurance and post recovery. I also like that one can is only 15 calories, yes only 15 and no gimmick (e.g. 10 servings per container at 15 cal each). The other bonus is that I can understand the ingredients without a dictionary, always scares me these days when I can’t understand any of the ingredients.

Kill Cliff Energy & Recovery Drink

So I’d give it a try and if you do then let us know what you think.