Magpul has made a name for themselves in rifle accessories. The quality of their ACS-L (Adaptable Carbine Stock – Light) buttstock is up to par with what I’ve come to expect from Magpul. This polymer AR stock is a slimmed version of Magpul’s ACS (Adaptabale Carbine/Storage) stock that retains the latched storage compartment, but removes the battery tubes of the larger stock, which reduces the width of the stock from 2.58in (ACS) to 2.17in (ACS-L), and also reduces the weight from .88lbs to .78lbs.

Magpul ACS-L: High Utility, Low Profile -
The ACS-L is a slightly more streamlined ACS. Images courtesy of

The ACS-L’s sloping cheek weld and rubber butt-pad (stock pad is .30in, but Magpul also sells .55in and .70in butt-pads for additional perceived recoil reduction). The ACS-L’s design seems to have heavy use in mind. It features a shrouded adjustment lever (less prone to accidental release) as well as a friction lock for additional stock stability. With a MSRP of $100, it is surprisingly durable.

I’ve primarily used the ACS-L on my Daniel Defense/LMT AR-15. It was an easy installation. Simply depress the release lever, which releases the friction lock. Then, slide on to the buffer tube until it stops. Lastly, while keeping the release lever depressed, grab the release pin from both sides and pull it downward. This will allow you to slide the stock the rest of the way on to the buffer tube.

Magpul ACS-L: High Utility, Low Profile
These three components are all you need to pop the ACS-L on or off your rifle’s buffer tube. Image courtesy of

In use on my carbine (outdoor range shooting as well as self defense training), I’ve found the ACS-L easily accommodates my length of pull as well as other longer-armed (male) shooters. The wide comb allows for a comfortable cheek weld for right or left handed operation. The stock features an integral sling mount, and a mount for the attachment of a quick detach sling (swivel mount not included). (At present, I use a VTAC sling attached to the integral sling mount). The storage compartment (which opens on the right side of the stock) latches with a chrome-silicon lock spring (for durability) and currently stores my sight adjustment tool (and its battery), an allen wrench, and laser sighting tool with space for more.

For the (relatively) low cost of the ACS-L, you get a sturdy stock that provides a balance between the functionality of a storage-capable stock and the maneuverability of a slim profile stock. The combination makes for an affordable stock of high utility and low profile that’s hard to beat – literally.

by Destinee

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