Hunting in Washington State has made me abundantly aware of wet, muddy, and slippery environments. I have always been a Muck Boot fan, however, I typically limited my hunting with them. I just couldn’t find a Muck Boot that felt as secure on my foot as a traditional boot. The last thing I wanted to be worrying about while stalking an animal was my boots. Apparently Muck Boot has heard this criticism before and responded with the Pursuit Glory.

One of the first things I noticed about these boots was the extra rubber used in their construction. Typically, Muck Boots use natural rubber only on the bottom half of their boots; the top is CR flex-foam (material similar to that used in survival suits). The Pursuit Glory has rubber strips wrapping around the radial (outside), and complete rubber coverage on the front and the medial (inside). Further examination of the medial exposed additional rubber reinforcement support and protection (brown checkered rubber). This feature is great for anyone who may use tree stands, climb rocky outcrops, or needs extra protection while moving over rough terrain. The boot soles are flat, stable, and have deep traction typical of Muck Boots.

Muck Boots: Pursuit Glory
Reinforced medial rubber provides more protection and stability.

When I first put the Pursuit Glory on, I noticed how it encapsulated my foot. This is different from other Muck Boots I have used in the past. There is no internal sliding or moving; it felt like a boot I had laced up. This can also make them somewhat difficult to get off (exactly the feature you would want while hunting). This is both a positive and negative. If you are using this boot for hunting, then you don’t want any internal movement. However, if you need to be constantly taking them on and off for a task, I could see this becoming tedious (think muddy chores around the house).

Muck Boots: Pursuit Glory
Quality Realtree camouflage helps to ensure concealment.

With turkey season around the corner, I plan on putting these boots through extensive testing. I will be using them while I am in eastern Washington, hunting some rugged terrain. If there are any cons to the Pursuit Glory, this will surely expose them. Look for a more comprehensive review in late April, after turkey season.

Specifications (based on a men’s size 10):

Height: 16″

Weight: Five pounds/ 2.26 kilograms

Color: Realtree camouflage


  • 5mm CR flex-foam
  • Triple-density PU sock-liner
  • Scent masking
  • Fleece lining

Temperature range: -40° F to 40° F

Limited warranty: One-year protection from defects in materials and craftsmanship.

You can purchase the Pursuit Glory boots from, or on