Welcome to Pike’s Manly Gift picks. If you have a rugged individualist in your life with discerning taste, who is also impossible to shop for, I hope this article will help you. This is one of three lists I will be doing. Today’s focus will be on everyday carry (EDC) items.

I’m focusing on items useful to any person regardless of their perceived manliness. These tools will help you get from point A to point B with grace and style, all the while solving problems along the way. So if you have someone in your life who likes this website and the content we provide, they’ll like these gifts. Oh, and I’m writing this list because these are the items I want for Christmas too.

Gerber Armbar Driver

My number one gift on my manly gift list is the Armbar Driver. The Armbar Driver is a minimalist multitool for daily carry. It’s hardly bigger than a pocket knife, and it happens to include a pocket knife. The Driver’s name tells you that yes, it comes with a screwdriver. This robust screwdriver has interchangeable heads and comes with a double-sided Phillips and flat head screwdriver. 

Along with the blade and Driver, you get a hammer, scissors, pry bar, awl, bottle opener, and something I’m likely forgetting. I really like minimalist multitools and I hate packing a traditional heavy multitool for daily carry. Something like the Gerber Armbar Driver offers me the most useful tools in a small package. 


Buy Now: $34

Streamlight ProTac 2AA

Beyond the flash function-turned-light on your phone, I doubt you have an EDC flashlight. I didn’t, either, for the longest time and as soon as I started carrying one, I saw how wrong I was. This year I want to upgrade my penlight into a more powerful one. The Streamlight ProTac 2AA is my choice. With 250 lumens, a high and low setting, and even a strobe mode, the ProTac is potent and powerful. 

The Streamlight ProTac is also very small. It’s easy to squeeze into your pocket and is only slightly bigger than a pen. The ProTac is an ultra-handy light to carry day in and day out. The ProTac will refine and outfit an EDC and give you a tool you’ll use almost daily. 

Buy Now: $32

Keyport Pivot Outdoor Bundle

Do you know the fancy key organizing tools that disregard your typical keychain? They’ve been around long enough to get cool, be copied by China, and now are easy to find in Dollar Stores. The Keyport Pivot tool is like an organizing tool, but way cooler and way more modular. 

It has several variants: For my manly gift list, I’m going big with the Outdoor Bundle. The Keyport Pivot allows you to fold your keys into a handle for a nice organized package. On top of that, the Outdoor Bundle includes a short knife blade, an LED flashlight, and a 10 in one multitool. 

If you ever want to upgrade the Keyport there are modules that allow you to attach USB sticks, pens, and even phone charging cables. The Keyport Pivot is a modern modular tool that gives you all sorts of awesome options. 

Buy Now: $40

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

I want one of these for a few reasons. First, I already had one and lost it. Second, I miss it because it was an outstanding pen. I live and die by a notebook, and the Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen has a rugged machined steel body that’s not going to break and soak my shirt in ink. 

The Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen may not seem like a manly gift, but that’s because you haven’t looked at it hard enough. Not only is it something that can write very well, but it could be used as an impromptu glass breaker, face smasher, and on occasion pry tool. 

Oh, and if you need a notebook, go with a Rite in the Rain top spiral notebook. It works perfectly with the Gerber Impromptu’s Rite in the Rain ink cartridge. 

Buy Now: $67

Garmin Instinct

Smartwatches are neat but not practical for rugged lifestyles. If you like to hunt, camp, hike, work outdoors, etc., an Apple Watch might not keep up. As far as manly gifts go, the Instinct is the high-tech option. 

The Garmin Instinct is made for those with a life on the go. The Garmin Instinct is a smartwatch, a fitness watch, and a GPS watch. Garmin is a trusted brand, and anyone who served likely knew someone who trusted a Garmin GPS watch overseas. 

I really want an Instinct. The GPS and three Axis compass function alone sells me on the Instinct. The fact that it can act as a fitness watch is a bonus. The Instinct is built to military standards for thermal, shock, and water resistance. It’s tough, packed with features, and heck, it even tells time. 

Buy Now: $150

Manly Gifts for All

I’m hoping to have helped at least one of you, fine folks. As a guy who’s been told he’s hard to shop for, I hope this article will open up some options for other people who are also supposedly hard to shop for. Finally, if Santa is reading this, you know what I want for Christmas, Fat Man.