Here we are once again. It’s that most wonderful time of the year where gift-giving is on everyone’s mind. As usual, gift guides start popping up left and right, but ours is different. How you may ask? Well, it’s focused on me. It’s not just random stuff, but the stuff I, and men like me, will want. If you or a loved one reads SOFREP, this is a list of gift picks for you or them. 

Gerber Mk 2 Knife 

The Gerber Mk2 is a revival of Gerber’s famed combat knife. This blade was designed by Gerber around the same time Vietnam was heating up. It became a well-proven combat knife with soldiers. It was also quite popular with mercenaries in Africa at the time. The Mk 2 is old school cool with influence from the Fairbairn Sykes designs in its dagger-like blade. Add in the dual serrated edges along the 6.5 inches long blade, and you get one helluva fighting/survival knife. 

Gerber’s rerelease of the Mk 2 is just in time for the holiday season. The Mk 2 is an excellent throwback blade with a pride-filled legacy. It sits beside iconic knives like the Ka-Bar in terms of a proven design. The Mk 2 is fantastic and tops my Christmas list. 

Buy Now: $75

Esse Knives James Gibson Bushcraft Axe

But Travis, that’s not a knife; it’s an axe! Specifically a Bushcraft Axe. True, but it’s my Christmas list, so deal with it. I love Esee knives. The Esee 4 is one of my all-time favorite fixed blades, and the Libertariat and I do yard work together most weekends. When I saw that Esee and James Gibson teamed up for a knife, I knew I wanted it. Heck, I knew it before I saw it. Then I saw it and wanted it more. 

The Esee James Gibson Bushcraft Axe is 10.5 inches long and designed to be the ultimate outdoor hatchet. It fits into a pack with ease. It is made from 1095 steel. It’s quite durable, well made, and well suited for work. If you camp or simply participate in outdoor adventures, you know the value of a well-made axe, and the Esee/Gibson collaboration axe is just that.

Buy Now: $160

Benchmade SOCP (With Trainer) 

The SOCP has been around forever, and I’m not sure why I still haven’t purchased one, but it’s one of my gift picks because I still want it. It’s a close quarter’s fighting weapon designed to create distance and open up the range for a firearm’s engagement. The SOCP is compact and lightweight, easy to conceal and carry, and well suited for a centerline defensive fixed blade. 

The SOCP with a trainer allows you to have a training tool to sharpen your skills with. If you want to carry this for defensive purposes, then you need to train with it. This is why I want to go with the trainer kit, and why you should too. This isn’t a utilitarian EDC knife but a weapon designed for stabbing, cutting, and killing. 

Buy Now: $132

Kershaw Secret Agent 

On the more affordable front, the Kershaw Secret Agent is a double-side compact dagger made for concealed carry. In fact, it labels itself as a boot knife, and I think boot knives are all kinda cool. The Secret Agent comes with an 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade. It’s not the best metal, but it’s the best you’ll get in a sub 50 dollar knife. 

The Kershaw Secret Agent has an appropriate name cause when I see it, all I can think is an OSS operative slitting a Nazi’s throat. That gives me the warm and fuzzies, and that’s why it’s one of my gift picks. The Secret Agent is all kinda cool and even comes with an IWB or boot-ready sheath for concealed carry tasks.

Combat blades and the Gerber Ghostrike

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Buy Now: $28


I don’t think I’ve ever typed that many capital letters in a row outside of an internet rant. The CRKT CEO is an interesting knife. It’s roughly the length of a pen and only a little wider. This folding knife gives you a svelte 3.1-inch blade. The thin little CEO is perfect for daily carry when you need a knife that doesn’t break up your suit lines. 


Admittedly, I don’t wear suits, but I can appreciate a finely made knife. The little CRKT CEO is a simple knife designed for low profile daily carry. The CEO is not a fighting knife nor tactical blade, but it’s perfect for normal EDC tasks. Its James Bond-esque looks is why it earns a spot on my Manly Gift Picks. 

Buy Now: $38

Gift Picks – Knife Edition 

Who doesn’t love knives? What self-respecting prepared citizen doesn’t have a box full of them? I know I do, but I always want more. As this list testifies, I have big, broad tastes, and I think this list accurately encompasses them.

Hopefully, you found some items to add to your list, or you’ve got a few gift picks of your own. 

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