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A Quick Look at Dynamis Alliance
Fifty Shades of FDE

Next to the Line of Fire booth was Dynamis Alliance’s table, which had some very sharp tools on display. After talking with Eli of Dynamis Alliance about the LoF Shooter’s Glove, he took the time to tell me about the blades.

There were two blades: the Dynamis Alliance Blade (full-size) and the Razoback (compact) along with a sheath and red trainers. The blades were designed by Dynamis and are made by Daniel Winkler. They were made to meet the needs of Special Operation troops who asked for a fast and discrete blade that can be concealed securely with any type of clothing.

A Quick Look at Dynamis Alliance

The Dynamis Alliance Blade is the full size model with an OAL of 8.75″ with a cutting edge of 3.75″.

The Razorback was named in honor of late Navy SEAL Adam Brown, who was dedicated to the Arkansas Razorback football team. It is the compact version of the DA Blade that had a OAL of 7.25″ with a cutting edge of 3.5″. A lot of the length is taken off the handle to assist with concealment. The handle is made of red/black micarta. Both blades are made of 80CRV2 steel with the option of being either single or double edged.

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