Ranger Nutrition is a Veteran run business. ALL Ranger Nutrition products are designed and manufactured in the United States! We have previously reviewed the BCAA Amino Drink mix (Ranger Candy) and the Nitro NO2, which are both great products (check out the review HERE). I recently got to sample a serving of the Ranger Candy and was blown away by how easy it mixes and how well it tasted. I had my daughter try it and she actually said it tasted like smarties!

The Whey Protein Powder comes in two flavors; Vanilla and Chocolate. You can mix these together or separately depending on your desired taste. The one big advantage I see to the Ranger Nutrition protein powder over others that I have tried is it’s ability to fully mix without the need of an agitator inside your water bottle.

Ranger Nutrition Whey Protein Powder

Included in the sample pack I received was a card explaining the best way to mix the product. You’re probably thinking ‘how hard can it be to mix protein powder?’ It’s not hard at all, but given the fact that Ranger Nutrition takes the time to break it down so that you have the best possible experience with their product is pretty damn cool.

Ranger Nutrition Whey Protein Powder

From Ranger Nutrition:

Ranger Nutrition’s Whey Protein Powder has been designed to dissolve in water without using a shaker bottle.  If you want a protein that you can just shake up in a bottle of water without any chunks or residue that TASTES GREAT, then give our protein powder a try.  We have customers who love putting our protein powder in their coffee for a healthy alternative to sugar. It dissolves in hot or cold water with little effort.”

1 Serving: (30 servings per container) 2lb Container

Calories                        120
Calories from Fat            10
Total Fat                           2g
Saturated Fat                0.5g
Cholesterol                    30mg
Sodium                          90mg
Total Carbohydrates      3.5g
Dietary Fiber                    0g
Sugars                             1g
Protein                            24g