It has only been a week since New Years and already people are asking, “what do I do if I can’t afford the gym?”   Simple… Get resourceful. When I am deployed, us Team guys don’t have the luxury of gyms. We start to improvise with what is around.  Here are some tips to create an affordable yet effective home gym.

5-gallon Buckets/Ammo Cans

Cheap and can be used to create weights. How?  Get two cans and also find some bricks. You can add or remove one brick at a time for resistance. You can find ammo cans online or at your local surplus store. Grab a bucket and bricks at Home Depot.

Battle Rope

These are great to get the heart rate up and build strength. You can adjust the resistance by stepping towards or away from the anchor. Stepping towards increase while away decreases. Amazon has some cheap ones.

Tire and sledgehammer

Stop by your local fire department of the tire store and request an old tire ( I do this often and the cost is free). This will allow tire flips (bigger tire), step ups, sledgehammer (find at home depot), overhead presses (car tire).

Empty Sandbags

These are very cheap and can be filled with sand or dirt. Utilize these to do”buddy carries”, squats &  throw overs. Find them at Home Depot.

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