If you’ve been reading SOFREP for a while, it should be no surprise to you that I am a huge fan of Olight flashlights. They work when needed, have batteries that last forever, and their innovation never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday, I introduced you to their new Osight red dot. Today, we’ll be talking about two brand new to the market gun lights, the PL-MINI 3 Valkyrie Rail Mounted Light and the Odin S Rail Mounted Light.

I use these on my “bump in the night” firearms. After almost two decades in the Army, working with some of the most highly skilled units out there, one thing was constantly drilled into my mind regarding shooting. Always identify your target. Operators must be certain what they are aiming at, ensuring it is a legitimate threat and not a friendly or civilian. Transferring that idea to the civilian world, identifying our targets is still paramount. If you can’t see something, you can’t identify it. Olight solves this problem by casting a bright light on any potential target.

The PL-MINI Valkyrie 3 Rail Mounted Light

The Mini lives up to its name by being small but mighty. Mounting was super simple, and I soon realized this was the brightest pistol light of its size that I had ever used. It’s 600 lumens bright and throws a beam up to 100 meters. Of course, that’s far further than you’ll ever be shooting your pistol, so Olight has you covered there.

The dual switches are easy to operate, even with my sausage fingers. You can enable or disable the strobe mode easily with either hand.

Run time for the light is an impressive 76 minutes. For me, it wasn’t an issue. I don’t know many people who would be shooting at night for an hour and 15 minutes. But for those of you who will, it’s no problem; the battery pack is easily removable, and you can quickly swap one pack out for another. Don’t worry about getting it wet either; the light is IPX6-rated. If you happen to drop it, make sure you do it at about a height of 3 feet or less, as the product has a one-meter drop resistance rating. It’s quite a rugged piece, with the body being constructed from type III hardcoat anodized aluminum alloy.

Light Side
Here we see the light with the battery pack removed. Simply snap a fresh battery back into place, and you’re good to go for another 76 minutes.

The  Particulars:

Size – 2.07 x 1.09 x 1.33 inches

Weight – 2.40 ounces

Split Beam Angle – 86°

Hotspot Beam Angle – 20.5°

Price – $99.99 on Olight’s website.

The Odin S Rail Mounted Light

Also new in the Olight lineup is the Odin Rail-mounted light.

It’s almost impossible to miss that on/off switch. That’s a good thing.

This is a seriously powerful gun light. Fifteen hundred lumens bright, and it throws its beam out a respectable 250 meters. Once mounted, it’s as solid as a brick wall. Recoil was absolutely no issue here.  The light is both M-LOK and Picatinny compatible.

That 1500-lumen beam, which I found to be more than enough to illuminate any target I was shooting at, had a run time of over 5 hours (310 minutes, to be exact).

One unique property of this light that I’d like to mention is the fact that is has dual power options. What does that mean? It means it can run equally as well and long on the included 35,000mAH 18650 Li-ion battery or two CR123A batteries.

Here you can get a good view of the high and low beam selector. The light features a programmable strobe, if you want that feature.

The cost for all of this long throw brightness is a respectable $149.99 online from Olight. The deal is made even sweeter by the fact that it is backed by a lifetime warranty, a 30 day money back guarantee with free returns and free shipping. What more could you want? I know it is now a permanent fixture on my “bump in the night” piece.