Ever since the announcement of the Sig Sauer P365 micro-compact pistol back in 2018, I had eagerly anticipated its arrival. At SHOT Show, I had the pleasure of handling the pistol at the Sig Sauer booth but missed the opportunity to shoot it on Range Day. Apparently, Sig Sauer has its own range day and doesn’t participate in the Industry Day at the Range. Lesson learned. Luckily, my local gun shop set aside their first P365 arrival for me to purchase. I’ve been carrying the single stack Glock 43 since its arrival on the scene and it’s been a pleasure. Is the new Sig P365 going to replace my tried and true Glock? Due to the similarities of these two excellent pistols, I’m going to dive into the details a bit and describe the differences.

The P365 pistol.
Sig Sauer P365.
Glock 43 Pistol
The Glock 43.

Specs* Glock 43 Sig Sauer P365

  • Length: 6.26″ 5.8″
  • Height: 4.25″ 4.3″
  • Width: 1.02″ 1.0″
  • Barrel Length: 3.39″ 3.1″
  • Capacity: 6 +1 Single Stack 10 +1 Double Stack
  • Sights: Polymer Day Sights XRAY3 Day/Night
  • MSRP: $499 $599

*Specifications taken from the manufacturers websites

Looking at the dimensional information above, you can’t deny these two pistols have a striking similarity. What sets them apart, in my opinion, are; capacity, sights, and price. And don’t forget about trigger feel. There isn’t a metric for this category but I can tell you that the stock Sig trigger has a smoother pull and a cleaner break than the factory Glock trigger. In fact, more than half of my Glocks have aftermarket triggers because of this. (Disclaimer: I own 6 Glocks and the P365 is my first Sig.) Another glaring difference is the sights. Sig was kind enough to include a set of XRAY3 Day/Night sights. With the Glock, you get the standard $12 plastic sights. These are strong factors to consider when comparing the price difference of these micro-compact pistols.

Dimensionally speaking, the Sig measures 31/32″ at the mag well. Where the Glock measures 7/8″ in the same location. That tiny of a difference is what the Sig engineers exploited to fit a steel double-stack magazine in the polymer grip. Resulting in a similarly sized pistol carrying 4 additional rounds of 9mm than the Glock 43. That being said, I still prefer how the Glock feels in my hand. Although dimensionally similar in width, the grip on the Glock is considerably larger front to rear, fitting my hand a little better. The Sig feels smaller and the grip angle is a bit more perpendicular to the slide as compared to the angle of the Glock 43.

Sig P365
Left: Sig Sauer P365, Right: Glock 43

The length of the two barrels are within .29″ of each other and I didn’t realize any measurable difference in the defensive type of shooting you’d do with these pistols. Let’s just say they aren’t target pistols. The Sig does mention in the literature that the chamber and barrel are +P rated. I noticed that the barrel wall on the Sig is a bit thicker than the Glock. But I’ve been shooting +P defensive ammunition in my Glock 43 for years now without issue. Both pistols include a flush-fitting magazine as well as a magazine with a pinky extension. The extension does not add any additional capacity to the magazine. However, Sig sells a factory +2 extended magazine that I currently have on order. Allowing 12 rounds in the mag plus one in the chamber which is double the capacity of the Glock 43.

Final thoughts: Although the Glock feels a little more comfortable in my hand, I don’t believe that is a strong enough argument to not use the Sig as my new daily carry. As you can see in the short video below, there isn’t a substitute for capacity. Additionally, the trigger and night sights make the P365 a clear winner in my book. Sig has also incorporated a proprietary rail groove on the frame. Rumor has it that Sig Electro-Optics is working on a light/laser combo. The only problem I have right now is finding a nice IWB holster for this new pistol. At the time of writing, neither Alien Gear or Bravo Concealment (my two favorites) offer one. But I did find one from Hazmat Holsters that I just ordered.

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