A few things in this photo that I quickly noticed were the snacks (Pop Tarts & Stinger bars), stripped MRE and baby wipes. You can tell, just from those three items, that this dude has done this a few times. It’s little things like that, that come from real-world experience. Other than the obvious, some other honorable mentions are the Magpul Daka Pouch and Leatherman multi-tool. Can you identify all the gear in this photo?

Gear layout of a member of US Special Operations Forces, for a 24-hour clearing Op overseas. SureFire kit present: M600V with DS tailcap on long gun, SOCOM556RC suppressor on long gun, X300U on secondary, Vampire head and tailcap (from V1) on S&S Precision M-AX mount on helmet.  – Photo courtesy of Surefire Facebook Page