I’ve always enjoyed cardio based training. For the last 20 years I’ve tried to stay active at least a few times a week. When I worked retail or at an office I ran on my lunch hour or used the analog stairmasters conveniently located at the ends of hallways. Recently I joined a gym and found spin and HIIT classes.

But being active doesn’t always mean your efforts are effective. I saw harsh evidence of my improperly trained and somewhat neglected cardio state at the last Midwest Region Shivworks Affiliate (MRSA) meeting I attended. After a few rounds of technical/consensual weapons retention practice I was gassed. The term “junk miles” never had such clarity.

6 weeks ago I noticed a discussion about Long Slow Distance (LSD) training to build a cardio base. I glanced over the program my friends were discussing.  Heart-rate monitors? VO2 MAX? Stroke Volume?

All new territory for me.

I would have dismissed this LSD stuff immediately but the program was written by Larry Lindenman from Point Driven Training. I met Mr. Lindenman at the 2016 RangeMaster Tactical Conference.

Larry has a long career in law enforcement. He is a lifelong student of Jiu-jitsu, and self-defense using knives and firearms. He is also an instructor in these fields, as well as the most handsome of the Shivworks Cartel.

However, Larry’s academic and professional background is in exercise physiology. He worked in the first exercise physiology lab that tested athletes and regular people from 1984-1989. His role was to write exercise prescriptions for those participants. Larry isn’t peddling woo or the latest fad diet. When he writes something, people I trust and respect listen.

This is Larry’s article about Long Slow Distance training: You Need LSD

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