Sadly, you can’t carry a gun everywhere. That doesn’t mean you have to go at it unarmed, though. When we talk about discreet weapons, we are not talking about crazy guns, but weapons that are easy to hide and even easier to carry. If gun-free zones are a part of your daily life, you might need to consider some discreet weapons. Even if you carry a gun, having a spare, often near-invisible weapon can be handy to keep up your sleeve. 

The Ultimate Discreet Weapon: The Ka-Bar LDK

LDK stands for Last Ditch Knife. The Ka-Bar LDK was designed by a veteran police officer and firearms instructor Greg Ellifritz. When you find yourself unable to get to your gun, your normal EDC knife, or a baton, you can go to the LDK. As far as discreet weapons go, the Ka-Bar LDK is comfortable to carry and as potent as it gets. 

It’s uber small and super thin. It’s easy to conceal and its short blade is paired with an interesting handle design. The 90-degree design allows you a good grip on the blade and you can punch and slash with the blade without compromising your grip. 

Buy Now: $20

A Quick Draw Neck Knife: Cold Steel Hide Out

The Cold Steel Hide Out is one of my favorite neck knives. It’s a dagger design with a dual-edge blade and a handle just long enough to fill your hand. The Cold Steel Hide Out allows for rapid slashes and stabs. The blade’s handle is coated with a Kray-Ex soft rubber-like material that sticks to the hand and makes holding it easy enough. 

When you need to stab, slash, and escape, the Hide Out is tough to beat. As a neck knife, it comes with a passive retention sheath that allows for rapid deployment in a pinch. It’s near impossible to detect and can be deployed fast. 

Buy Now: $33

Keep it Handy: CRKT Williams Defense Key

Some discreet weapons are so discreet they don’t even look like weapons. The CRKT Williams Defense Key is one such knife. It looks like a key, fits on your keyring like a key, but acts as a punch tool. You can load it in your hand and deploy it with every punch. 

Best Discreet Weapons on key chains

The metal design allows you to add some extra sting to your punch. It’s a simple tool that is impossible to use incorrectly. Its use is instinctual. CRKT allows you to strike naturally with some serious pain attached. The tip is technically a Phillips head screwdriver, so it’s hard to consider more of a weapon than any other key. While it’s not as effective as a knife, it’s 10 times more discreet. 

Buy Now: $7.50

Wear it on Your Wrist: Outdoor Edge Paraclaw

The Outdoor Edge Paraclaw allows you to carry a self-defense blade openly without attracting much attention. “How,” you ask? Well, the Paraclaw is a paracord bracelet with a knife built into the latch that encloses the “bracelet” around your wrist. Paraclaw’s blade is short but fearsome. The blade is designed for slashing and opening up immediate distance between you and your opponent. 


With the Paraclaw, you use the paracord bracelet as the handle. It provides a thick grip for quick and fearsome slashes. Discreet weapons are tough to camouflage, but the Paraclaw is near invisible until deployed and used. 

Buy Now: $23

Mightier than the Sword: Gerber Impromptu

The Gerber Impromptu is not a blade, but a tactical pen, which is already a class of insanely discreet weapons. The Gerber Impromptu is an all-aluminum pen that allows for penetrative stabs that deliver quick and instinctive hits to a potential attacker. It doesn’t slash well, but it’s extremely strong. 

Discreet Carry Tactical Pen

As a pen, the Impromptu also works extremely well. It writes smoothly, is comfortable to grip, and highly reliable. It’s not the perfect tool but is also invisible to normal people. You walk with it in your hand, ready to fight, and no one is the wiser. Surprise is a helluva tool, and when you combine it with a brutal stabbing implement, you get a fearsome combination. 

Buy Now: $67

Discreet Weapons and You

While you should never break the law, you should always examine policies and rules not backed by laws that forbid you from staying ready. Discreet weapons are often easy to carry without detection, and some can be carried openly without drawing any attention. They can’t replace your concealed carry pistol, but they can complement it or stand in when a gun is a no-go.