Sling bags are not a new phenomenon and the tactical world has embraced them wholeheartedly. Oddly enough, this is often because they don’t look tactical and blend in well with urban environments. Sling bags are lower profile, easier to don and remove, and often offer enough room for your daily needs.

The Vertx Commuter is, without a doubt, the king of sling bags. The Commuter comes in various sizes and incarnations. Even the basic model, which I have, seemingly offers the same amount of room as a backpack. 

Packing the Commuter

The Vertx Commuter is sling bag-sized. If this isn’t spacious enough, the XL model surely is. For me, the Vertx Commuter is my going-away bag. If I’m traveling for business or pleasure by vehicle, I grab the Commuter. It carries everything I need for nearly any situation. This includes normal boring stuff like my laptop, tablet, associated chargers, notebook, pens, and these days a spare mask. 

On top of the boring stuff, I can pack spare mags for my EDC, a multitool, a proper trauma kit, a fixed blade knife, a flashlight, trauma shears, and so much more. In the summer, I keep a compact emergency poncho, bug and sun repellant; in the winter, a set of gloves and a watch cap. I also keep a soft armor panel in a small compartment in the rear of the pack that protects from most handgun and shotgun blasts. 

I’m not joking when I say that I can also keep a small subgun-sized weapon in the kit should I desire. It’s not quite an AR 15 case, but it works. Something like the KelTec SUB 2000 fits in it perfectly when folded. The room is there to carry even more should I need it in an emergency situation.

The Commuter is my go-to trip bag because if an unforeseen event happens, I have the gear I want to survive, and I can still shove water bottles, canned food, and more in it. 

Organizing the Commuter

The capacity is great, but what’s even better is the organizational capability. The front hidden pouch is a quick access panel where I keep my trauma kit. Beyond that is my equipment section. This area is complete with several pockets and a layer of hook material to interact with Velcro back pouches and items. This includes Vertx’s own MOLLE panels. 

Beyond that is my electronics pouch. This is another area covered in loop material. There are also two huge pockets perfect for storing chargers and note-taking gear. This is the first section where you can insert a small soft armor pouch. 

The last section is the clamshell pouch, which opens fully. It’s massive and both sides are covered in loop material. Here is where you can house a firearm if you so choose. From a broken down AR pistol to a subgun-sized Scorpion, it’ll fit. The last hidden pouch is where I keep my Premier Armor panel. 

Wear and Tear

The Commuter is a comfortable bag to wear. It’s complete with a wide main strap that distributes the weight of the pack extremely well. There is a secondary support strap to keep the bag in place and also increase comfort. 

The backing is heavily padded for comfort and does a great job of keeping your back isolated from anything hard or pointy in the pack. The sling portion is easily adjustable to fit most users. It can even be adjusted to fit over hard armor. The Vertx Commuter and I have been with each other for years now. It has held up trip after trip, day after day, and use after use. The Vertx Commuter is a “buy once cry once” deal and it’s well worth the cost. 

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