This article will contain strong opinions held loosely. First, to save yourself some reading the short answer in today’s world of modern firearms is, wait for it… The double-barreled pistol is a gimmick. Don’t waste your money on something that is the equivalent of Dogecoin.

There are plenty of great firearms to light money on fire with; the HK MP series comes to mind.

For the rest of you, who like me, need to learn things the hard way, well, here you go.


Where Are My Bullets?!

The main issue I have with the gun is bullet capacity, or, actually, the lack thereof. Why would you have a double-barreled pistol when, instead, you could have a perfectly good revolver that will fire four additional rounds?

So the lack of round capacity makes this gun an impractical circus side-show gimmick.

Is it legal? Yes. Most states limit magazine capacity and military-style weapons but the double-barreled pistol presents no legal issues that I know of other than breaking the laws of practicality.

Should I buy one the SHOT show attendee asks me?


Do you know of any serious car collectors with a Ford Aspire (built by Kia) in their collection? No, because that car sucks. I think it made the worst cars of all time list.

The double-barreled pistol is like having two engines in your Ferrari. It’s just going to use twice the gas to get you to the same place you’d get to on one engine.

Get my drift? Good.


At Least the Double-barreled Colt Looks Neat

The only gun I’ve seen that actually looks good in double-barrel fashion is the 1911, but damn, outside of using this in a video game or zombie movie I still see no practical application for it.

Here’s the coolest video I found for you to see the double-barreled 1911 in useless round-wasting action.

So if I, as a former Navy SEAL sniper instructor, were to make a list of worst gun ideas of all time the double-barreled pistol would be at the very top of the list.

But, hey, everyone has their thing. So, if you’re into side-shows and bearded ladies knock yourself out and grab one but it’s a hard pass for this guy.

Annie Jones (bearded woman)