The John Wick flicks are some of the best action movies on the market right now. In fact, they’ve changed the way people shoot action movies. John Wick raised the bar and now they’re all struggling to keep up. One big reason why John Wick rocks are the guns. John Wick guns are never just your average firearm you’d see in any other action flick. They are often highly customized but practical for the problems and villains Wick faces.

So, we’ve gathered five of the best John Wick guns for your pleasure.

These are not only cool guns for the movies but practical and well-made firearms that would be a great choice for any shooter. Plus, they are used extensively and effectively in the films, and you know you love to see them.

1) HK P30L

In the first John Wick movie, we see Mr. Wick digs up an old cache of firearms, and from his bouquet, he plucks an HK P30L fitted with a custom compensator. We see him work his magic with the P30L, and why not? It’s a fantastic firearm that’s extremely well-made, easy to use, and quite capable.

The Top 5 John Wick Guns
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The HK P30L is the full-size variant of the P30. The P30 is a double-action/single-action gun that fires 9mm or 40 S&W. These extremely modern polymer-frame pistols are highly reliable, very ergonomic, and well suited for the life of an international assassin. Honestly, this is my personal favorite handgun of all the John Wick guns. It’s highly efficient, and the compensator certainly makes it stand out.

2) Benelli M4

The P30L might be my favorite handgun, but of all the John Wick guns, this is my very favorite. The Benelli M4 is highly upgraded by Taran Tactical Innovations, as are many of John’s guns. In general, the Benelli M4 packs a lot of 12-gauge firepower that John Wick judiciously delivers in the catacomb scenes. He uses the Benelli M4’s gas-operated semi-auto action to the extreme, and he pegs bad guy after bad guy with it.

The Top 5 John Wick Guns
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Watch the scene closely, and you’ll see John Wick realize that the bad guys have body armor so he swaps to leg and face shots as they fire. The Benelli M4 bangs away, killing thug after thug without issue. In real life, the Benelli M4 also serves as the M1014 Joint Service Shotgun with the United States military and even across the pond with the SAS.

3) TTI STI 2011

Okay, lots and lots of acronyms here. STI makes high-end 2011s. 2011s are 1911s with double-stack magazines, and STI’s variants are the very best. TTI stands for Taran Tactical Innovations the company which customized the STI 2011 for John Wick 3: Parabellum. John wields the gun in 9mm Major, an oomph up 9mm round designed for competition. Also, he uses the big 23-round magazines to reduce the need for reloads.

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The TTI STI 2011 Combat Master delivers a highly customized version of an already custom gun. It’s likely one of the best competition firearms on the market, and its several thousand dollar price tag makes it one of the most expensive of John Wick’s guns.

4) SIG P365

The SIG P365 changed the game when it came to conceal-carry firearms. It packs 10 rounds of 9mm in a gun the size of a single stack of 9mm! It’s a revolutionary firearm and one of the best concealed-carry firearms on the market. Of all the John Wick guns listed here, this is the only one he never uses. I know I’m kinda cheating by including it in the list, but what can we do — not to mention that the beautiful Halle Berry uses it in the movies.

The Top 5 John Wick Guns
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Like John, she’s a lethal assassin, and between her dogs and her P365, she kills dozens of dudes. Her P365 is a Grayguns customized version with an enhanced grip module, a flat trigger, and a threaded barrel. In the first film, Wick used a Glock 26 as his backup gun, but maybe in John Wick 4, he’ll finally wield a P365.

5) TTI TR-1 Ultralight

Yep, more acronyms and more Taran Tactical Innovations. The TR-1 utilizes a variety of high-end pieces to form an extremely well-made AR-15 rifle. The TR-1 Ultralight wears a BCM handguard, BCM stock, BCM pistol, and a forward grip. On top, we see a very modern LPVO from Trijicon with a 1-6X magnification. Opposite the LPVO is a Trijicon RMR red dot for those close-quarters fights.

TR-1 Ultralight in "John Wick"
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This is a very practical rifle and well suited in the world of John Wick guns. We see John destroy thugs with it, using both optics. Wick runs the weapon well while standing and moving, and you can see that Keanu put in the work to look competent with the gun.

The TTI TR-1 Ultralight is another one of those high-priced rifles that only an international assassin, paid in gold, knows how to wield.

John Wick Guns, Knives, and Oh My!

Who doesn’t love the John Wick flicks? You can’t hate an action movie directed by a stunt coordinator, right?

Anywho, back to the guns. What guns will we see in the next Wick flick?

I’m hoping for more shotgun goodness, personally. Let me know below what your favorite guns from John Wick are, and let me know what guns you hope to see in the next films.